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Parczew - the friendly and special place

   Parczew is a special place. Its natural resources including unpolluted air,Burmistrz Parczewa Paweł Kędracki clean water, peace, open spaces, large forest complexes, richness of flora and fauna as well as monuments of great cultural values constitute the unique town's identity. Parczew is the green town as we care about ecology a lot. Although there are industrial plants located in a one district on the outskirts of the town they are not hazardous for environment. Our inhabitants are hospitable and friendly with the great creative potential especially among young people. Parczew is the clean, safe and comfortable town with nice atmosphere. There are well living and work conditions here. It is also the good place for practicing a hobby and relaxing. We do what we can in order to provide proper and convenient existence as well as safety and development for our inhabitants. We are the friendly and open European town.
   I am full of hope that being aware of our picturesque areas you will visit us or maybe even cooperate with us in some future. Parczew is really the special and unique town.

The Town Mayor of Parczew - Paweł Kędracki

   The transformation of the political system in Poland forced us to undertake a number of activities which transformed the Parczew Municipality into the attractive place for investments, tourism and leisure.
   Our great investment areas are covered by the Town Spatial Plan and the Town Development Strategy for the following years. Both documents mentioned above are in coherence with the Lubelskie Voivodeship spatial plan. These areas are divided into two compact complexes and are more than 120 hectares. The first one (approximately 110 hectares) is an industrial area with appropriation of stock houses and building industry. It is located in the direct neighbourhood of the Lublin-Łuków railway line and a railway station with a side-track and storage infrastructure. The second complex (approximately 10 hectares) is located in the vicinity of the Parczew-Lublin voivodeship road no. 815. The areas presented above are separated from town housings and they are partially developed. Currently we are starting to completely develop all areas with a full range of media and to create convenient for investors road infrastructure on these areas.

   Our dynamic development is caused by a few factors which are also important for a potential investor and can be named as follows:
- a convenient location and communication accessibility - we are an important, local communication node where three voivodeship roads converge. The capital of the region - the town of Parczew is located 30 km. from the planned European passage- the express road S 19 (north-south) and approximately 50 km. from the planned A2 highway (east-west). The town is situated about 60 km. from the city of Lublin (the seat of the voivodeship authorities) and 50 km. from the border crossing point in Sławatycze which is the crossing point between the European Union and Belarus,
- well sewage, water supply and gas infrastructure, the town's own sewage treatment plan and a waste segregation system as well as waste store system,
- a well developed vocational school system,
- a professional cooperation with regional academies and colleges.

   Potential investors can count on the municipal authorities and their help as well as assistance during whole investment process. We offer individual guidance for every investor and help with preparing an appropriate legal and formal documentation. Moreover, Investors-friendly legal solutions in the field of tax allowances and the pro-investment municipal budget that have already been introduced constitute our additional asset.
   Young and well qualified personnel, attractive conditions for investors, significant resources of the local job market, potential possibilities of the region's development and its beneficial geographic location - all this creates certainty of profitable investments and economic progress stability.

   We warmly welcome you to visit our special place.

TEL. +48 83 355 12 24
FAX. +48 83 355 12 26


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